Delivering Innovative Solutions to Industry

Since 2004, Veritas Group has provided engineering consultancy and professional services to organisations in the oil and gas, maritime, defence, infrastructure, and communications industries.

With innovation at the core of our business, we seek to assist our clients achieve operational objectives and success through an integrated approach of technology improvement and business process optimisation.

Veritas Group is headquartered in Perth, Western Australia and operates a satellite office in Darwin, Northern Territory.

Background Checking Services

Veritas Group is expanding its background checking services for industry.

Since 2006, Veritas Engineering has served as a Commonwealth authorised MSIC issuing body for the offshore and maritime industries. Through the use of its online application and strategic partnership with Australia Post for the lodgement of applications, Veritas Engineering offers a truly national lodgement service. With processing times of 1 - 2 weeks (the industry average is 4 - 6 weeks) the company serves as Australia’s largest MSIC provider.

In 2014, Veritas Check gained Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accreditation to access the National Police Checking Service. This access, combined with the company's background processing technology, enables Veritas Check to offer individuals National Police History Checks within 60 seconds of receipt of paperwork for one of the lowest costs in the country.

Veritas Group invests in R&D and possesses a provisional patent for an Identification, Authentication and Verification Token. Veritas Group is currently working to commercialise this technology to support the industry workers’ ability to maintain multiple accreditations on a single smart card.

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